Greg Lindquist and Mary Mattingly: ON LAND at Flanders Gallery

Mural by Greg Linquist at Flanders Gallery

Detail of the site-specific wall mural by Greg Lindquist at Flanders Gallery

Flanders Gallery in Raleigh, NC features work by Greg Linquist and Mary Mattingly through April 28th, 2014. Lindquist painted a large site-specific mural and has a group of related paintings. Mattingly displays sculptures assembled from geodesic dome parts, large photographic prints, and hand-pressed prints of the geodesic assemblies. Both artists explore themes critical of the detrimental effects of “progress” in contemporary culture: environmental disaster, wasteful consumerism, and the exploitation of natural resources.

Linoleum prints by Mary Mattingly

Hand-pressed linoleum prints by Mary Mattingly


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More small mixed media drawings in the works

"clean-up butterflies" - vbw - 2014

“clean-up butterflies” – vbw – 2014

These are all 5″ x 5″ on 6″ x 8″ watercolor paper.

"high-concept floatation" - vbw - 2014

“high-concept floatation” – vbw – 2014

"bill-fold franchise" - vbw - 2014

“bill-fold franchise” – vbw – 2014

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New Art at VAE this First Friday

"left hand free weight" - vbw - 2014

“left hand free weight” – vbw – 2014

Here are a few examples of new work I’m going to have for sale this Friday at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh. The images are 5″ x 5″ acrylic paint and ink on 6″ x 8″ 140 lb. watercolor paper.

"four speed olfactory" - vbw - 2014

“four speed olfactory” – vbw – 2014

The paintings are improvisational documents, small windows capturing a few moments in time.

"cummerbund embers" - vbw - 2014

“cummerbund embers” – vbw – 2014

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Visual Art Exchange’s “Launch” Program

An assortment of bottle openers

An assortment of bottle openers

I was one of 6 designers selected to be included in the VAE’s “Launch” program for 2014. It’s a retail incubator that gives artists and designers the opportunity to test out retail items in the front window and gallery of the VAE space on Martin Street in Raleigh. The year has just begun, so I’m not sure what I will have to sell throughout the year, but for now I have bottle openers and some of my art books. Check out these and works by other “Launch” artists. Our work will be there all year long.

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Architect George Milton Small’s Office Building

Milton Small's Office seen from Brooks Avenue

George Milton Small’s Office seen from Brooks Avenue

This building has been home to a few different businesses over the years, but was originally the architectural office of George Milton Small, who designed it and worked in it for many years. Located on Brooks Avenue on a small lot near the NCSU campus, the building is raised on columns creating a parking area below. The hardwood ceiling over the parking and open gravel lot beneath makes it a much nicer parking experience than most utilitarian lots beneath buildings.

Stair to office above

Stair to office above

The other feature that makes for a nice experience is the pedestrian link directly off the sidewalk, across the water fountain, and up the stairs into the entrance.

Pedestrians enter from the street, over the water feature, then up the stairs.

Pedestrians enter from the street, over the water feature, then up the stairs.

George Milton Small was born in 1916 in Oklahoma,  studied architecture in Chicago under Mies Van der Rohe, moved to Raleigh 1948 and over the next decades contributed many modern buildings to the Raleigh landscape.  He died in 1992.

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Deck of Oaks

Two of Diamonds - 9"x12"- 2013

Two of Diamonds – 9″ x 12″- 2013

This is art I created for the Deck of Oaks, a deck of playing cards with each card illustrated by a different Raleigh artist. They are available at the Boylan Art Walk this Sunday December 15th at the Broadreach office at 806 McCulloch St. for a $15 donation to one of three local non-profits: Helping Hands Mission, Second Chance Pet Adoptions or Toxic Free NC and 100% of the proceeds go to these organizations. They will soon be available at local retailers.

It was an honor being asked to participate in this, and thanks goes to Ladye Jane Vickers for making it happen.

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“Pedestrian” products available at Design Box in December

Steel bottle opener

Steel bottle opener

I have some hand-made items available for sale at the Design Box in downtown Raleigh during the month of December. I’ve made a few series of bottle openers and some “idea books”- notebooks made with 100% recycled paper and bound Japanese-style.

"Idea Books" -44 pages of blank acid-free recycled paper.

“Idea Books” -44 pages of blank acid-free recycled paper.

I also have a book of my artwork available that I created earlier this year.

"What is the Subject? Who is the Audience?" Art by Vincent Whitehurst

“What is the Subject? Who is the Audience?” Art by Vincent Whitehurst

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Brian Walsby Art at Foundation

Brian Walsby – who I posted about back in April has some colorful art up at Foundation Bar in Raleigh for the next few months.

Brian Walsby

The medium is ink and water color pencil on paper. 5 pieces are on display.


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Art of the Brick


Artist Nathan Sawaya creates large scale works in both 2 and 3D out of lego blocks. His colorful, fun-for-the-family exhibition is currently in Graham, NC at the Alamance County Arts Council’s Captain White House.



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Bottle Openers


Here are a few bottle openers I’ve been making recently.



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