Greg Lindquist and Mary Mattingly: ON LAND at Flanders Gallery

Mural by Greg Linquist at Flanders Gallery

Detail of the site-specific wall mural by Greg Lindquist at Flanders Gallery

Flanders Gallery in Raleigh, NC features work by Greg Linquist and Mary Mattingly through April 28th, 2014. Lindquist painted a large site-specific mural and has a group of related paintings. Mattingly displays sculptures assembled from geodesic dome parts, large photographic prints, and hand-pressed prints of the geodesic assemblies. Both artists explore themes critical of the detrimental effects of “progress” in contemporary culture: environmental disaster, wasteful consumerism, and the exploitation of natural resources.

Linoleum prints by Mary Mattingly

Hand-pressed linoleum prints by Mary Mattingly


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