Art by Brian Walsby

Deborah Harry by Brian Walsby

Deborah Harry by Brian Walsby

Brian Walsby is a musician/illustrator/artist who has been really prolific recently, generating hundreds of comic sketches, portraits of musicians, and concert posters, along with other drawings.

Blackey by Brian Walsby

Blacky from the Canadian band Voi Vod by Brian Walsby

Brian moved from California to Raleigh as a teenager and has been making music and art since. He’s played drums in many local rock bands, and recounts stories of his life, social critiques, and humorous anecdotes in illustrated format in his 6 volume set of “Manchild” comics. Brian is a nice guy who puts it all out there, and believes in honest portrayal of himself and others, even if he occasionally offends or embarrasses. Check out his website and his blog.

Stacks of hundreds of drawings by Brian Walsby

Stacks of hundreds of recent drawings by Brian Walsby

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