“Farfetched” at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design

Death Slapper

Sean Pace – “Death Slapper”

The Gregg Museum of Art and Design has plans to renovate the old NCSU chancellor’s house on Hillsborough Street, but for years it has been located in the center of the North Carolina State University campus in the Tally Student Center on the top floor – not the most convenient location for the public but a fine venue nonetheless. The current show is FARFETCHED : MAD SCIENCE, FRINGE ARCHITECTURE AND VISIONARY ENGINEERING, and it is an impressive exhibition of imaginative design, art, sculpture, and drafting.

Chris Hipkiss - "Anchuseazurea / Our Slit with the South"

Chris Hipkiss – “Anchuseazurea / Our Slit with the South”

Although most of the designers and artists involved are considered “outsider” by institutional standards, most of the work has deep origins, and whether or not the artists are “mad” or are artists of circumstance, their work speaks on its own, and some would be considered art-school mainstream with a different back-story. This is an example of how a well-curated show really can exceed the sum of the parts, and leave you with thoughts and inspiration.

Laser Guns

Clayton Bailey – “Ray Guns”

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2 Responses to “Farfetched” at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design

  1. amazon27 says:

    Chris Hipkiss here. Thanks for the heads-up about this show; we didn’t realise the work was included! It’s good to see that you are questioning the ‘Outsider’ label. We have always felt that the classification is bandied about far too glibly, and certainly doesn’t apply to Hipkiss. That said, this looks like a fascinating collection of work. (… I’ve just been to your site and especially love your interiors too.) Warm regards, Alpha (crowparliament.wordpress.com)

  2. Vincent says:

    Thanks Alpha for the clarification about ‘Chris Hipkiss’. It is a great show with related lectures and events, so it should be decent exposure. I really like the work you two create.

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