Buildings by Marlon Blackwell

St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church

Architect Marlon Blackwell heads the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas as well as runs a practice in Fayetteville. I had the pleasure of visiting his practice and a few of his projects over the summer. His office is in “The Fulbright Building”, a 1960’s library that Blackwell’s firm renovated into office spaces. In the nearby town Springdale, Blackwell converted a plain metal garage building into a church by extending the siding to form an iconic steeple, among other minimalist moves to elevate the space as much as possible on a tight budget.

Keenan TowerHouse

I didn’t get to climb to the top, but the TowerHouse, also a design by Blackwell’s firm, is tall enough to catch your vision from a few spots around Fayetteville. There were quite a few additional examples of good modern architecture by both Blackwell and others in the area.

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