Biodiesel Fueling Station, Wilmington NC

Piedmont Biofuels Station at Tidal Creek Coop

One of the things that architectural clients have to understand when you are working on a tight budget is that the architect, builder, and client have to work together to find creative ways to achieve great results. In the case of the Piedmont Biofuels Filling Station at Tidal Creek Coop in Wilmington, Architect Eric Jabaley of Dogwood Design Studio worked closely with Christopher Yermal of Old School Rebuilders to design a modern enclosure for the fueling station using as many green strategies as possible. The building is clad with a rainscreen made entirely of stained and sealed wood planks recycled from industrial cable reels. It is framed of recycled lumber pulled from the landfill, uses reclaimed and salvaged windows, doors and hardware, has glazing oriented for passive solar heating, and will eventually have a green roof.  Kudos to Eric Jabaley, friend and Clemson and NCSU alum, for the hard work I know it took to make this happen.

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