Flanders Gallery

Crochet covering a tractor by Olek

Flanders Gallery in Raleigh has a pretty consistent showing of good local, regional, national, and even international artists. This month’s (June’s) show is no exception and has a good range of scale with work by Jonathan Brilliant, Mathew Curran, and Olek.  Olek, a native of Poland, has completed many crocheted and balloon installations. Her work at Flanders included wrapping the entire facade of the gallery in crocheted fabric.

Mathew Curran’s wall mural

Local artist Mathew Curran’s works include detailed stenciled works and cut-outs of wildlife. He’s been working around Raleigh for many years and it’s good to see how his work continues to evolve. Brilliant’s work at this show revolves around coffee stirring sticks, with a large installation that was assembled without glue, along with some prints made with the impressions of the sticks.

Johnathan Brilliant’s stirring stick installation

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