Inn at Middleton Place, Charleston, SC

Inn at Middleton Place

As an architectural student in Charleston, SC, our class visited the Inn at Middleton Place, and I followed that visit up with two stays years later. The 55 room inn was designed by architects W.G. Clark and Charles Menefee, who also completed other residential and cultural commissions in the low country and throughout the southeast. The series of connected buildings are sited along the Ashley River among large live oak trees, and only a short walk from the historic Middleton Place Gardens. Part of what makes the Inn so relaxing is the near removal of the vehicle from the site experience. The guests park away from the Inn on an unpaved lot and walk to their rooms. There is no asphalt parking lot conveniently jammed up to any side of the building. The ability to walk around the grounds within the serene landscape adds to the connection you feel with history and nature at such a beautiful site.

View from the Ashley River side


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