AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design

South Side of the AIA NC building

The grand opening of the AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design is this weekend in Raleigh. The building was designed by Frank Harmon Architect for the North Carolina American Institute of Architects, and will serve as the new headquarters. The building has a host of environmental features including a geothermal climate control system, a rainwater filtration system, and natural daylighting for the office spaces.

AIA Headquarters, Peace Street View facing East

As with any new and bold architecture in a highly traveled public location, there has and will be controversy about the design, which I think is good. Most building design makes such a low impact on our existence that the conversations never starts. I’m glad to see that the AIA NC was progressive enough to start the conversation, and to help educate the public about sustainable building design.

AIA Headquarters, Wilmington Street view

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