Durable Goods

Stainless steel safety razor

A couple years ago I finally got fed up with plastic disposable goods and looked for ways to reduce the waste, and get better designed products. I bought a metal safety razor and some refillable ink pens, both everyday tools I use daily. I would argue that both are more economical options over the short run, especially if you can avoid losing the pens. The razor uses double sided blades that are cheap . It gives a good close shave, and feels much better in the hand than the plastic ones. My pens can be loaded from an ink well. I bought 2 ounces of ink two years ago and maybe have used a tenth of it. I use these pens daily. All of these items are available for 30 dollars and up….or go dig one out of your grandfather’s closet. Or buy one and pass it on to the next generation.

Refillable ink pens

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3 Responses to Durable Goods

  1. jnzllwgr says:

    don’t forget about these guys…nice pens made locally:


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