Harris Lake County Park

Hole #8 at Harris Lake County Park Frisbee Golf Course

We visited Harris Lake County Park last weekend. This is a Wake County park located 22 miles south of Raleigh in New Hill adjacent to the Shearon-Harris Nuclear Plant. There is a floating dock for fishing and an area to launch kayaks and canoes. We decided to play the frisbee golf course which was a good way to see the park. The 18 hole course starts in the pine forest and finally surfaces for a few holes right on the lake, which offers some good views of the nuclear reactor. There are also some mountain biking trails in the park that I’ve heard are pretty fun, and the lake was fairly busy with recreational boating.

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1 Response to Harris Lake County Park

  1. JZ says:

    My feelings are split about the presence of the cooling tower in your photos. There’s something strangely sinister about it when one goes out to enjoy nature and the outdoors, but it reminds you there is nothing really wild left…hence the change of terminology from “nature” to “the environment”. Conversely, I enjoy seeing the cooling tower because it shows that its ok to integrate these elements into our “environment” when its done sensitively. Of course, the reactor is out in New Hill so that it remains a select distance from large populations, but this nevertheless applies to other infrastructural elements in our world. Do you ever read BLDGBLOG?

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