North Carolina Museum of Art

spring 2011

new NCMA with original building beyond

One of the top places on my list to show people when they come to Raleigh is the North Carolina Museum of Art. Not only is there a new building for the permanent art collection, designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners out of NYC, but the expansive grounds are great for a walk or a bike ride, and are tied into the City of Raleigh Greenway trails. The natural filtered lighting in the new gallery building presents the art, particularly the older medieval pieces, in a much lighter manner. The standouts of the collection, for me, are the Andrew Wyeth paintings, and the Antonio Canova sculpture in Carrara marble. There is also a significant Rodin collection.

Bronze sculptures

Rodin at NCMA

Back in 1999, while working as an architectural intern at Clearscapes, PA, I had the opportunity to be part of the team that casted and installed the concrete ring sculpture “Gyre” by artist Thomas Sayre on the NCMA grounds. There are many other art pieces around the campus, and it’s the interaction of the trails, art, and natural scenery which differentiates this museum from many others I’ve visited.


"Gyre" by artist Thomas Sayre

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